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Radu Lupu-George Enescu Festival

In the autumn of this year will take place in Bucharest a great  internationally  Festival,  George Enescu Festival, which every year becomes a beautiful symbol of Romanian culture.

We are happy to announce you that besides that we are glad to promote this festival, finding opportunities to publish the  events within it, we want to write also in our Art section, some articles  dedicated  to the Romanian artists from the Festival.

We will start by informing you that the Romanian pianist Radu Lupu will open the George Enescu Festival 2013.

He was applauded seven minutes “on the clock” at least one of the three concerts he performed in Budapest on 18, 19 and 20 April, after which he played the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 in C major, Op. 15 by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Anna Scarlat mentioned in the Magazine 22 about Radu Lupu that: “I do not think I’m wrong saying that Radu Lupu is an unusual occurrence.’s Appearance  of a great man, very discreet, which effortlessly of a” flick like of a little finger ” makes superb musical waterfalls. Easily without dramatic gestures, but firmly, with the self-confidence of a leader.

The place I was located ,  allowed me to observe his eye tracking communication with the conductor and with  musicians. A superb collaboration, which snatched from the  Budapest public usually very sober and  very distant, cheers, laughter and  smiles. In a city that you does not see a smile so easy , where are you even heckled for a smile, a public concert hall was full of laughing, smiling, floating in the joy of music.

After the encore, “a musical finesse   composed by Robert Schumann”, the conductor and the pianist have embraced “like  some fighters after a battle won.”  Then Radu Lupu gave them “warm handshakes” to  instrumentalists, to primarily blowers and  direct partners in Piano Concerto. “

So those who will be present at the George Enescu Festival, you will be delighted from the first day of the festival, September 1, 2013 by a great music artist, Radu Lupu.

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