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The forgotten beauty of life-Andrei Plesu

Among the books  with a high inspiration of the writer Andrei Plesu is also the book  “The forgotten beauty of life” that we invite you to read.

It is like a breath of fresh air in a world clogged.

The book is structured in 8 chapters: – What we do with our lives/- Things which are really important/- The subtle world order/- Perplexities and everyday ailments/- Ways of being /- “Books reading ” /-Martyrdom of Romanian language/- How we are sit at TV

An interesting note found in this book: 

“You can not understand anything from the world, if you stand at  the level of grass being always suspicious. By contrary, to look at it from above, to have the image of the field like  a holistic flight.  The major contours of the reality can be seen more clearly from above, as archaeological sites are charged more than the plane.”

And as a conclusion of the book which I think everyone should put it into practice: 

“If you pay a little respite as if throwing around, a look rested,  curious, you can find plenty of reasons to enjoy. Things (still) works. . There are still people, living traditions with miraculous encounters. We live in a toxic sauce, but it contains more spices subtle anesthetic effect. The great cosmic animal still does not seem to take   seriously our agitation propaganda, our apocalyptic fears. We can live. We can live well. We can (still) living well. “

About Andrei  Plesu

Andrei Plesu is one of the leading representatives of the school from Paltinis and a landmark of Romanian public life and academic, art critic, philosopher, essayist, founder and director of cultural weekly Dilema (later Dilema Veche), founder and president of the Foundation “New Europe ” and rector of the college “New Europe”. It started with essays in history and theory of art (trip to the forms, Picturesque and melancholy). After 1989 it became a publishing unmistakable voice, crouching with a serious and nuanced humor, on subjects of current or perennial policy, culture or daily life (Faces and masks of the transition, Public obscenity). Without abandoning  philosophical, or theological explorations his expanded to ethical views (Low moral, about angels, the joy in the East and West) with great success at the public.

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